Bollywood Dance Clips

Bollywood dance is the dance style typical of this Indian film industry. It consists of many different styles and influences, from classical and Indian folk styles to all kinds of modern and western dancing. In India itself this Bollywood dancing is called ‘film dance‘, Indian clip dance.

The present day Bollywood Dance style has elements of Indian classical dance, and numerous other dance forms. The dance includes multiple formations, natural locations or architecturally-grand settings, a large number of background dancers and colorful costumes.
Sometimes part of the film story is told in the dance. Bollywood hip-hop dance has recently acquired much attention. 
Bollywood film’s story is centered around lively music and dance. Indian dance is performed in colorful costumes with props. The classical Indian dance incorporates facial expressions, hand gestures (using mudras), body postures and movements. This brings life to the story.