Terms of Video Recording Service

Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon receipt of your booking advance fee of $500, Perfect Video reserves the time and date included herein. Booking fees are non-refundable after 60 days prior to the performance date. It is also non-refundable if facility officials prevent video recording or a facility change occurs where client fails to alert Perfect Video of a change of venue. Perfect Video is not responsible for circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to – power failure, equipment malfunction, and defective memory card stock.

Additionally, if Perfect Video is unable to perform the services agreed upon because of acts of God, labor strikes or terrorist attacks and cannot perform these duties on another date, and have made an effort to find another provider, we will refund all collected fees.

  1. It is the responsibility of the client(s) to secure permission of the performance facilities to video record the event. Permission of facility officials is required before the camera(s) are set up.
  1. Perfect Video reserves the right to use any or all of the videotape for promotional or other purposes and owns all the raw and edited footage. A copy of the footage is made available to the client.
  2. Perfect Video will take paramount concern to produce a finished product of good quality and makes no guarantees, neither expressed nor implied, in regard to aesthetic qualities of the completed project. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.  Client requested changes to the finished product may, at the discretion of the Producer, result in additional charges not included in this contract.
  3. Videographer(s) will arrive approximately 2 – 3 hours prior to the event. Our videographer(s) will record lobby decoration, people gathering, and dressing room makeup preparation before the show, as well as backstage congratulations after the show and reception.
  4. The final edited video will be in 4K or Blu-ray or mp4 formats.
  5. Balance is due upon receiving the final edited video.

We will not be at your event without payment in advance.

 Video delivery is guaranteed no later than 1-4 weeks after the performance day.